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PRE ORDER - Orphan Colours brand new album!!

Well hey folks! It's been quite some time since we said much at all to the public. What with Covid, work, several nervous breakdowns, a new dog and all manner of other things in between, it's been super difficult to get anything done with the band with any level of consistency. But here we are coming out of the winter of 2024 and we're gearing up with a new record!


We started this back in 2018 in Fred and Seebs' little recording studio dungeon in Vauxhall with some drum tracks and a live recording of The Vibe which still survives (what you'll hear on the record). I decided that I wanted to collaborate with some different players on this one due to the slightly funky nature of some of the rhythms. Like opening track Tempress for example. That one has a real syncopated beat that sounds like something from the a 1970's funk band, so I asked our old pal Jonny Finnigan (Gang of 4) if he would come down and help me put together a drum track for that one. We ended up doing about five songs that day and Jonny can be heard on a fair bit of the record.

I also wanted some big production elements like horns and so asked our previous sax player Nik Carter if he could come up with some horn parts for Temptress and Free. This was during covid so he was more than happy to spend some time putting some incredible arrangements together and I wasn't expecting the lavish brass parts him and his partner Jack Birchwood sent us. They really add some serious production value to this record and we're forever grateful to them for their input. Together they go out as Black Jack Horns (Marc Ronson, Lianne Le Havas).

There are many other players on this record that are worth mentioning, not least of all Beth Rowley, who co-wrote 'Let You Go' with me in London back in 2016. Her vocals on this track are phenomenal.

We want to give the album the PR that it deserves and are hoping you can help us with a release campaign by raising some funds through a pre order campaign. If you pre order the album now you’ll receive your copy in the post 4 weeks before the official release date and you’ll also get a free digital download of the new single Blame It On The Weather, which will be sent to your inbox immediately.

The pre-orders will help us pay for coverage in magazines like Uncut, Q and Mojo etc, as well as local radio coverage, online blogs etc. It will also help pay for a social media campaign so we can make sure everyone who loves the band will hear about the new record.

If you love Orphan Colours and are excited about hearing our new album then click the link and Pre-order it now.

See you out on the road



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